Hydeout presents The Prelude is a fully immersive digital music entertainment platform that’ll feature more than 40 international artists, exclusive on-demand new performances and extraordinary stories of today’s top music artists in a 40-part episodic series.

The Prelude will feature on-demand exclusive performances at breathtaking locations around the world as well as virtual environments, as fans follow international music acts on their journeys. Get up close and personal with them through untold narratives in this series of incredible story arcs.

Additionally, social interaction will form a big part of this experience with games and chat rooms, while avatar customisation will allow users to perceive themselves in alternate ways in imagined worlds, and let them discover and connect with their favourite artists. While physical meets may not be possible given the current situation, Hydeout’s chat rooms will encapsulate the joy of meeting new people as fellow music lovers and fans are encouraged to use a safe space that will allow them to make new friends from every corner of the globe.

Driven by a passion to share authentic and exclusive content that leaves a lasting impact, Hydeout: The Prelude promises to unite music lovers around the world with ongoing content releases of superstar talent, dazzling on-demand performances, online games and much more.

Experience virtual entertainment like no other, only at Hydeout: The Prelude.

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